About Us

Ciapella Motors are Malta’s largest independent one stop shop for Land Rover and BMW vehicles. We are a 3rd generation family owned company that from the very beginning of our activity some 60 years ago till this very day, have focused mainly on servicing, repairing and selling Land Rovers and spare parts for them.

In 2011 we introduced these same services to BMW and BMW MINI cars as well. This addition to our already popular business was mainly because a good number of our satisfied Land Rover and Range Rover customers also owned vehicles from these two equally prestigious brands, and thus were frequently asking us to see to these cars as well. Coincidentally, the vehicles from BMW and BMW MINI make use of very similar and in some cases identical technologies as those found on Land Rovers and Range Rovers and so applying our expertise to these two German brands also was a relatively easy and smooth process for us.

We operate from centrally located and easy to reach purposely built premises consisting of a prominent car sales showroom, a service reception and parts counter area, three parts stores, a large fully equipped workshop, and our own private parking spaces for the visiting customers, all under one roof and on one of the island’s main thoroughfares just a few hundred meters away from Malta’s largest shopping mall.

We specialize in vehicles that have just come out of the warranty period where at us the clients continue to find the same manufacturer required level of services of the main dealer however with total independence and therefore greater flexibility. Typically, our customers are people who are looking for, or already own cars that are still in their prime and thus require quality but yet still reasonably priced products and services from a reliable, efficient and secure organization.