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Inside our ground level, specifically designed and well maintained , 30 bay workshop, we do all types of maintenance and repairs that sophisticated and hence safe and capable vehicles as those from Land Rover and BMW require from time to time during their working life. Here, notwithstanding the size of some of the cars such as the Range Rover Vogue and BMW’s 7 Series, we take great care with regards to clear space around each and every vehicle, not only whilst being worked upon but just as well whilst parked in any of the dedicated spaces prior to the works. And equally with regards to cleanliness and protective covers to the vehicles’ interior and exterior, we take great care to preserve the condition no matter how big or how small the job is. Our attention to detail is such that as part of this process, we even include if needed, a touch up to your car’s front number plate in case it may have got scratched during use on Malta’s, at times, hectic roads.

Normal schedule services at our workshop are carried out to the highest standards using the manufacturers’ recommended oils and parts, and besides the numerous checks and adjustments as necessary, our services include also thorough checks of the vehicle’s under body and under bonnet areas for wear or damage, a computer reset to the vehicle’s service indicator, a test drive by the technician who worked on it, and finally another one by the workshop supervisor to confirm that all is functioning and performing as expected.

Mechanical and electrical repairs are also a substantial part of our daily works and these are always carried out by our highly skilled and experienced staff, the majority of whom have been working with us for many years and apart from being proud of their trade, they are also passionate about cars and thus always eager to continue evolving on the subject.

Another important aspect of our workshop services is the vehicle electronics segment. Considering the extent of electronic equipment and functions integrated in today’s premium level cars such as the ones we are seeing day in day out at Ciapella, computer diagnostics and repairs are becoming ever more the order of the day.

We use the manufacturer’s own software systems such as Testbook, VCI, and the latest DoIP which cover up to the very latest models in production. Besides these systems, we also have others from independent but reputable and capable suppliers such as Autologic, Faultmate and IDD. Thanks to this variety of software, our technicians have access to information from different diagnostic systems and thus at times be able to arrive to the fault quicker and more accurately. Worth noting is that it is not uncommon for other independent technicians to recommend us to their own customers for specialized diagnosis, and at times actually bring us their customers’ cars for technical repairs.

Within the same workshop however in a dedicated area, we also do bodywork and interior repairs. We have in house panel beaters who are capable of working on all of the different materials found on these avantgarde cars, such as aluminum, steel, plastics, GRP, etc. We have also spray painters and a full size spray booth for that quality factory finish that one expects on repairs to Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW and BMW MINI vehicles. This quality finish is achieved also no less because we make sure to use the same preparation techniques and paint brands as those that are used originally by the manufacturers during the vehicles’ painting processes at the factory.

As for the interior works, the majority of these are generally related to repairs of damage caused by the strong sun and warm temperatures of our climate hence retrimming of sagged roof linings, replacement of warped or brittle plastic finishers, and other similar delicate repairs are also done in house on a frequent basis by our technicians.

We also do hand washing, and paintwork polishing and waxing to safeguard it from the elements. And for the interior we have the proper cleaning and protective products for whatever type of seats and trim materials that your vehicle has. Finally, the engine and it’s bay can also be cleaned however rather carefully in these electronics-full cars in order to avoid damaging any of the components that are located in this part of the vehicle. A treatment of this sort will make your car look and feel as good as when it left the showroom.

With the workshop services being the bread and butter of our business, we are constantly investing in this department, whether in the infrastructure, the tooling, or more importantly, the personnel that make our team so that we always have the best talent available to the local industry. All of the services at our workshop are carried out by competent and specifically assigned technicians who all together work as a complete team so in the event that any jobs overlap different sectors of the vehicle, such as for example jobs that involve both mechanical and electrical interventions at the same time, or mechanical and bodywork, etc. these are easily carried out in house thus maximizing efficiency, quality and cost. And besides this all in house teamwork advantage that we offer to our customers, the hands-on owners of Ciapella are always present within the workshop so apart from constantly looking for ways and methods to improve the work practices, this presence also speeds up any immediate decisions that need to be taken for a faster turnaround on the repairs to the customers’ cars.

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