Car Sales

At Ciapella Motors we normally have a selection of quality preowned Land Rover and BMW vehicles for sale. These can be vehicles which the company specifically imports or buys locally for resale, as well as vehicles that still belong to customers who wish to sell them and so we help to do this on their behalf for a small commission. Of course, whatever the case, we ensure that first and foremost the car’s overall condition is as one would expect from Ciapella, and secondly that the price is competitive and fair for the buyer as well as the seller.

When selling cars we do accept trade ins however in the case of the trade in vehicle being of a different brand from Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW or BMW MINI, a separate dealer that will be willing to take this other brand will have to be added into the process.

Some of the cars we sell may still carry the manufacturer’s warranty but as for those from our own stock which may be out of the manufacturer’s warranty, we issue our own for the buyer’s peace of mind.

And to further compliment the car sales side of our business we can gladly assist in completing all the related documentation at Transport Malta, as well as the insurance needs. For insurance, besides motoring we can also assist with marine, home, travel, life, etc.