Parts & Accessories

Due to our long years in the motor vehicle trade we have access to the best suppliers for parts and accessories and also know which brand’s products are better for which system of the car, whether it’s the powertrain, the suspensions, the brakes, the interior, etc. etc.  And also by being independent repairers, we have the flexibility to offer to our customers the option to choose from genuine, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), or aftermarket spare parts and accessories.

To explain briefly the difference between these three options, genuine parts are those identical to what was fitted to the vehicle during the factory assembly process. These replacement parts come in the vehicle manufacturer’s packaging for easy identification of their origin and are normally the more costly option.

OEM parts on the other hand are parts that are manufactured by the same companies that supply the car manufacturers to build their cars, however have also the right to sell them through their own networks. This at times makes them more affordable than the genuine ones and often it is people who are in this trade like us that know which part manufacturer does what and for which car brand and hence that part will be identical to the original one fitted onto the car when new.

Then even less costly than OEM are normally the aftermarket parts. These are manufactured by companies that buy the tooling equipment and the manufacturing rights from the OEM companies to keep producing these specific parts however without necessarily having to abide by the vehicle manufacturers’ standards. This will therefore generally result in lower prices however also at the possibility of lower quality.

Our recommendations are generally for the genuine or the OEM options however since we have the flexibility to supply all three levels, we leave these decisions to our customers since everyone has their own opinion and budget of course.

Inside our stores we normally stock the faster moving parts such as those required for servicing and repairing of engines, brakes, suspension and steering systems. In the event however, of parts that may be required for some uncommon repair and hence these are not immediately available off our shelves, we offer the service of looking them up from any of our local suppliers, and if still unsuccessful in this look up, we can then order them from our foreign ones where in 90% of the cases these will arrive within 3 to 4 days from date of order.